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Hello and welcome to my site, a bit about me, My name is Maureen, I am a mother to a wonderful boy! On a professional level, I work as a Buyer for a Global IT Consulting organisation. I live in a an upcoming City known as Telford in England, its strategically placed, 40 min drive to a big city Birmingham and less than an hour to country side in Wales.

I have a passion for Fashion, Travelling, visiting new places and learning more about my surrounding as well as I love to keep fit and be as healthy as I can.

After reading other Blogs for a while I thought of having one for a while but kept the idea in the back burner for a while and only just last week decided to embark on this journey…..so please be gentle with me 😉

Expected Content…

In my Blog i will be sharing my love for Fashion and my Style, there will be a bit of Fashion acquired pieces, my all time favourite and different occasion wear. Its been know that how you look on the outside affects how you feel in the inside! personally I am a lot more confident when i am Elegantly put together and prepared.



Travelling and discovering new places is what I look forward to the most throughout the year, I hope to share some exciting experience of places that I will be lucky enough to visit as well as hearing of your experiences and learning more about your plans of where you will be going to.

Health and Fitness

I love keeping fit for obvious reasons such as health and the feeling of accomplishment, exercise and eating healthy is part of my lifestyle,the plus side is I do enjoy seeing the progress, however small it is as long as its consistent.

Being a Mother and working full-time can be challenging and tricky but i have learned a few things here and there that I hope I can occasionally include here. Please expect all round chit-chat about anything here as well on my lifestyle category.

I hope you do find my article interesting, informative as well as motivational. Your comments suggestions and ideas will be greatly appreciated.

With Love

Mo Ateng Hope